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Real Estate

Real Estate Attorneys in Austin, Texas 

For individuals and businesses in Austin, Texas, real estate is often their most important and valuable asset. Real estate can be fraught with legal issues, risks, and complexities. As such, investors need experienced legal counsel who will look after their interests and solve their legal problems.

We are real estate attorneys in Austin, Texas, who provide legal services for a variety of clients in the real estate industry, including: 

  • Real estate investors 
  • Developers 
  • Property owners 
  • Buyers and Sellers 
  • Landlords 
  • Traditional and alternative lenders 
  • Builders and contractors

We represent clients in connection with a range of real estate matters, including commercial and residential transactions, purchases and sales, joint ventures, leasing, investor entity formation, condominium formation, and more. Our attorneys have experience with a variety of property types, including commercial, residential, mixed-use developments, multifamily, retail, hospitality, and undeveloped land.

Real Estate

Real Estate Attorneys In Austin, TX

Are you in the midst of real estate litigation? Contact our Austin real estate attorneys at The Daves Law Firm today.

Real Estate Services

Purchase and Sale

Our Austin real estate attorneys assist clients in the purchase and sale of real estate in Austin, Texas, and surrounding areas. We will assist with all aspects of your transaction, including purchase, sale, financing, resolution of title issues, negotiation and structuring of your deal; and working with your professional team of realtors, lenders, and title company to successfully close your transaction. 

Entity Formation

The Daves Law Firm helps clients choose and structure entities that work best for their real estate venture. Our Austin real estate attorneys routinely create LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Trusts for the acquisition, operation, and development of real estate in Texas. 

Joint Ventures and Partnerships

We have extensive experience representing developers, landowners, investors, lenders, and others in all aspects of real estate transactions. We offer particular expertise in planning, forming, and implementing all types of joint ventures and partnerships. 

Real Estate Contract Review

Real estate sales contracts are lengthy and complicated, and they contain provisions with important legal consequences that are not always easily understood. In Texas, there are several standard contracts used for the purchase and sale of

residential single-family homes. However, many buyers and sellers, and even their real estate agents, do not understand the legal significance of every provision contained in the standard agreements. As such, you need an experienced Austin real estate attorney to review your contract for sale and advise you as to the legal effect of the contract you are signing. 

  • Review all documentation related to the purchase, sale, or lease of a commercial or residential property 
  • Evaluate covenants, liens, easements, and other obligations related to the property ● Explain the contract, including the rights created and obligations imposed under each provision 
  • Identify areas of concern and assist in negotiating more favorable terms ● Draft all documents necessary to complete a real estate transaction, including any necessary contract revisions 

Landlord Representation

The Daves Law Firm attorneys represent landlords in Austin, Texas in connection with all tenant-related matters, including evictions, eviction appeals, lease violations, and holdover tenants. Our real estate lawyers in Austin, TX are well-versed in COVID-related eviction regulations on the local, federal, and state level. 


Sellers in Texas have the option of using seller-financing. Our real estate attorneys are experienced in owner-financed transactions and will assist you in transferring title to the buyer and prepare all necessary legal documentation to properly secure your interest in the property. 

Commercial and Residential Leasing

The Daves Law Firm represents commercial and residential landlords in connection with leasing transactions. We prepare leases for all types of properties, including residential, multifamily, office, industrial, shopping center and retail, mixed-use, and more. We assist with drafting and negotiating new leases, renegotiation of existing leases, amendments and termination of leases, assignments of leases, and more. 

Condominium Formation

Our attorneys are experienced with condominium creation and conversion. We will help you with all legal aspects of the condominium formation process and prepare all legal documentation necessary to create your condominium regime. Our attorneys are experienced in both traditional condominium creation and ‘site’ condominiums. 

1031 Exchanges

Our attorneys represent property owners in Austin, Texas in connection with 1031 Exchange real estate transactions. We will help you at each stage of the 1031 exchange, from the sale of your current property to the acquisition and purchase of a qualifying property that will shield your capital gains from taxation. 

Deed Transfers

As Austin real estate attorneys, we routinely prepare deeds and assist clients with transferring property. We can help you add and remove owners; transfer the property to a third party; and more.